Use the Bold TalkTM Method to Strengthen Teams and Ignite Success

When the stakes are high, some players choke. They hold back from saying what's really on their mind. They may hide critical information for fear of making or admitting a mistake, worry about outcomes, or fear losing ground, relationships, a deal or a job. When issues heat up, opinions sometimes differ. Emotions may soar.

When employees, especially key players, fear the impact of decisions or are not fully vested in a mission or project, the entire organization can suffer. A mission-focused, win-win mindset with effective dialogue is crucial to success. And, the ability to objectively discuss important issues—with integrity—is essential for personal growth and business success.

Do you want a better way to handle difficult conversations than ignoring or avoiding tough issues or blaming, complaining, gossip or yelling? There is. When discussions or arguments heat up, ignite success instead!
Talk to us about teaching your team how to engage in the bold conversations you need for success, and survive them.
Set the stage to thrive as an organization. Communications expert Donna Anselmo is available to teach your team members or not-for-profit board how to communicate for greater success. We'll customize a program for you.

Full and half-day workshops, as well as ongoing coaching and mentoring are available. Donna is also available for keynote and panel presentations on communication.


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