Peter H. Anselmo | Vice President, Sales and Business Development

Peter H. Anselmo is a graduate of Lehigh University, where he earned a Master of Education degree in Counseling Psychology. Early in his career, he served as Assistant Director of Admissions for Community College of Delaware County, PA, before moving to San Diego, California. There, he taught at the San Diego Free University, where he had the opportunity to teach workshops and was influenced by psychologist and luminary Carl Rogers.

A native Long Islander, Mr. Anselmo returned to New York, and In 1978 joined the New York Hypnosis Center, where he served as Vice President, Franchise Sales, and provided hypnotherapy services and staff training. In 1980, Mr. Anselmo had founded and operated Peter H. Anselmo, Ltd., a landscape design firm specializing in large residential and commercial contracts for more than three decades. Through a longstanding strategic alliance, he also serves as a sales and design consultant to RJK Gardens, a 50-year-old landscape company in St. James, New York. In addition, Mr. Anselmo had joined The New York Post team in 1981, where he had served as a foreman in circulation and delivery before retiring in 2013.

After serving in a consulting capacity for six years, Mr. Anselmo recently joined the BOLD Marketing Solutions, Inc., team. Both an entrepreneur and creative artist, he brings extensive skills in account management, sales training, business development, and customer service to the BOLD team.


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