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Most marketing companies focus simply on identifying market opportunities, creating impressions and channeling information to consumers. Our mission is to create deeper customer engagement and experiences. The training division of our company focuses on helping companies and individuals increase resilience, success, satisfaction and return on investment. We focus on  thought leadership, best-practice strategy, innovative marketing, and extraordinary professional development for growth and sustainability. We target success and satisfaction every day. The result is happy clients for us of stronger connections for you.

BOLD Marketing Solutions Is a Perfect Marketing Partner
We customize and scale services to our clients' individual needs. We respond quickly with just-in-time services and are equally capable in serving long-term, complex engagements. We bring a broad scope of talent and creativity to support our clients' success. We offer an award-winning team of business and marketing experts who are ready to help you build brand appreciation, organizational productivity and profitability. Our goal is to help our clients increase success in their target markets. When our clients succeed, we succeed.

Over the course of our careers, our team members have supported thousands of individuals and hundreds of companies in their quests for ongoing learning, professional development, growth and success.

Organized to drive value, BOLD Marketing Solutions, Inc. develops customer-responsive business strategies marketing communications, and individualized professional development programs. As integrated marketing specialists, we employ traditional disciplines, such as market research, print and electronic communications, as well as media and community outreach. In addition, we are uniquely positioned to take the process further by working closely with business leaders to strategically align marketing efforts with planning, sales, operational and management activities. This unique service blend delivers the results our clients demand —enhanced relationships with your own customers, investors and colleagues, as well as positive bottom-line impact.

Benefits for You and Your Company
Our team brings more to a project than top-notch creative and communications expertise. We help companies break with the self-defeating patterns that limit success. We complement your team with critical management experience in brand marketing, sales, training, finance, operations, and customer service. Our rich blend of creative talent and business experience helps our clients develop solid plans for enhancing productivity, sales, and profit — and we are there to help you execute for success. Further, our customized approach enables us to contain costs for you. We involve only the experts needed when and where appropriate to deliver required results and provide timely turnaround.

For Just-in-Time Needs, We Target Quick Results
For your urgent needs, we dig right into project requirements, create a budget-sensitive action plan and set timelines to meet your special needs and deadlines.

We Work as an Extension of Your Team on Complex, Long-Range Integrated Projects
For strategic, long-range and professional development projects, we work closely with your company’s team to:
• Assess needs and gaps
• Identify priorities
• Map a cost-effective plan to reach your goals
• Recommend appropriate tools and solutions
• Uncover and meet challenges
• Manage for quality and sustainability
• Measure desired results

Flawless Implementation and Execution
To drive strong brand value we help:
Advance business, marketing and/or professional development initiatives
Foster internal and external understanding of brand messages
Support customer relationship management
Address publicity requirements in print, in the community, and on the Web

Let the BOLD Team Help You
Communicate strategically
Align internal/external business drivers for greater success
Drive productivity
Grow brand recognition and value
Enhance efficiency and profitability
Cultivate customer loyalty


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