Dr. Diane Kramer | Clinical Psychologist, Technologist, Entrepreneur

Diane Kramer, PhD, clinical psychologist and college professor emeritus, founded the Institute for Extraordinary Development and award-winning Evolve to Your Extraordinary Self Program. CEO of PeakSkills Learning Systems, an e-Learning Web application company, Diane also is an award-winning technologist, author and integral asset of BOLD Marketing Solutions, Inc.

Diane founded and serves as chief creative architect of the Extraordinary Self Program and Success Crossing e-Learning. These programs foster deep change by leading participants to transform the deeper mind/brain patterns that cause us problems and keep us from extraordinary relationships, creativity, finding our purpose, business success and making a big evolutionary impact on everyone we come in contact with.

Diane has been using her gifts of incredible insight into human dynamics and systems, ability to make people feel very safe, and communication power to bring about change for more than forty years. As a psychologist, coach, professor, researcher, author, e-Learning entrepreneur, speaker and Buddhist (Pema Wangma — Woman of Power — is the Buddhist name given to her by her Buddhist teacher), she constantly scans her environment for whom to help or empower.

Her accomplishments have included:

• Procuring a one million dollar grant from the Federal Department of Labor to form the Center for Practical Solutions, the training
  ground for the start of 83 entrepreneurial businesses during the 1990- 1992 recession on Long Island, New York

• Developing a popular e-Learning system for the rapid and sophisticated development and delivery of self-paced eLearning courses

• Writing the Creativity Game, a book on creative-problem-solving with fellow author Dr. Cindy Bayern

• Receiving numerous awards such as the prestigious LISA award for best new software program of the year for her eLearning
  platform, and the Long Island Center Achievers Award for her Evolve to Your Extraordinary Self Program

• Receiving the prestigious Founders Day Award upon getting her doctorate from NYU in 1972 for her research-based dissertation in
  Cognitive Psychology

• Getting post-doctoral certificates in Family Systems, Neuro-linguistic Programming, Psycho-analytic Therapy, Cognitive Therapy
  and Organizational Psychology

• Developing a Teacher Training Program at Nassau Community College to train the faculty. NCC is now considered one of the best
  teaching community colleges in the country

• Instituting a self-development program for her students at Nassau Community College where they raise their grade point average, 
  improve their relationships, learn to deal with bad feelings from rejection, criticism, and failure, and plan their future

• Developing the popular Long Island Center for Marriage Counseling where Diane applies her Extraordinary Self tools and
  techniques to helping couples transform their relationships. Based on her vision of 1981, Diane believes that the tipping point to the
  next evolutionary level will be reached in her lifetime and she works tirelessly to help to mid-wife it into reality.

Diane is based in Huntington, New York, where she offers e-Learning programs, business and professional development services, and maintains a thriving psychotherapy practice.


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