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Standing out from the competition starts with getting in the game. But jumping into social media can be scary when you are trying to decide which messages will resonate best with your audience when AND wondering how you will find the time to keep up with it all. People constantly tell us, "I don't have enough time to keep up with it." And that's why Bold Marketing Solutions is at your service.

If you love the idea of posting updates yourself, we can train you to manage your accounts. If you don't, we can update them for you with timely, relevant information and images. We will take time to learn how you speak and think about topics relevant to your life or business. We'll learn about your company and your priorities, and then we'll turn out excellent, reader-friendly professional copy and post it for you...with your approval. Get started now.

Take it Easy |  We'll Set Up Your Blog and Social Media Accounts So You Stay Connected

If you've never set up a blog, don't know where to start or just don't want to do it yourself, we'll do it for you because we believe blogging and social media updates help you stay relevant with people who care about the same things you do. We'll set up Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and blog accounts for you. We'll design or customize your pages to reflect your brand. Then, after your social media is up and running, we'll post your updates to keep your readers informed with timely, relevant and professionally written blog articles, Facebook and Linked In posts, and Tweets. Get started now.

We use Wordpress, the industry-leading blog application, because it is inexpensive (actually free), offers a simple content management interface (meaning you can update it yourself if you choose) and it is very search-engine friendly, which speaks to results. Wordpress also integrates well with Social Media, which makes it easy to share your blog articles on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, and Tumbler.

Look Great, Sound Great |  Social Media Profile Writing and ManagementWe've become great at making people and companies look great! We'll help you create an expert persona by writing Professional Profiles for posting on LInked In, your Blog and the About Pages for various accounts. We find the words and bring the organization you need for a professional profile that presents your capabilities and reflects your personality.  We'll even update it when needed. And if you need help to actually become a great company, speak to us about our programs and training services or ask about oru professional development training and e-learning programs and e-learning platform where you can host your own custom training programs. In the book, Marketing Demystified, written by Bold Marketing Solutions founder Donna Anselmo, you'll find an entire chapter dedicated how cultivating the right people and talent in your organization influences your marketing. Donna thinks it is so important that she included it as one of the "7 Ps of Marketing" discussed in the book. Get started with your Social Media set up today.

Make it Sensory |  Audio and Video Services
Research proves that Social Media posts get more clicks and shares when they include an audio, video or image. We can help with that. We'll provide you with broadcast quality audio and video that will make your Website and/or social media pages come alive. When people can see and hear you they connect at a deeper level. Build more connections with audio and video posts. We'll write scripts, help you practice and/or record your extemporaneous commentary. We can run live or edit your files too, when needed. And if you really want to impress your audience, sign up for our Expert to GoTM program. Get started now.


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