"I shut my eyes in order that I may see." — Eugene Henri Paul Gaugin

Dear Friends and Colleagues :: 

For more than three decades, I have devoted my career to helping leaders and professionals clarify their missions, visions and goals, communicate effectively, develop strengths, and achieve success. Over that time, I have been privileged to work with leaders of multi-billion-dollar global operations, small business enterprises, and not-for-profit organizations alike. I've learned that regardless of size or industry, success always requires three key resources — well reasoned strategy, effective action planning, and committed people with the inner resilience to execute a mission even when challenged by difficult circumstances. Building resilience means quieting ourselves long enough to shine a light inside our people and organizations and discover the beliefs, forces, and resources capable of making a sustainable difference.

At BOLD Marketing Solutions, Inc., we help people and companies cultivate tangible and intangible resources in support of brand management. With a solutions focus that works from the inside out, we look inside people and companies to determine and develop business strategies, talent, and tactical solutions that address our clients' challenges. Our senior-level consulting team—including Dr. Diane Kramer, professor emeritus and founder of PeakSkills Learning Systems, Inc., Peter H. Anselmo, M.Ed., sales trainer—and a virtual team of outstanding business consultants—delivers the insight, experience and ability necessary to help companies achieve and sustain next-stage success.

As a McGraw-Hill author, an AM radio talk show host, business consultant and community servant, I share the benefit of my own insight and experience with an international audience. I welcome an opportunity to learn more about you, understand your particular challenges, and explore how my team and I can help you achieve your goals. We encourage you to review the information on our Website and learn how our talented, energetic and committed group can help support you. I invite you to contact me, should you have a question, concern or need.

With all good thoughts,
Donna Anselmo



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